The Buyers Guide to e-Juice Bottles

Storing Vape LiquidsIn the medical marijuana and smokeless tobacco industry, electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers seem to be the dominant players out there. Even though this was a concept which was introduced just a couple of years ago, it has definitely managed to make an impact. Just look at the people around you, and you would be able to see how popular vaping has become.

As a result of this popularity, the demand for e-juice is also something which seems to be increasing significantly. This would be in particular to storing the e-juice in bottles as well. This is because while the experts might recommend you to use them up as quickly as you possibly could, there are some people out there who would like to store it for future purposes. This would be something which would only be possible if the storage is being done in a correct manner. See more below or at this website (visit website).

On the other hand, this also poses a challenge for all the e-liquid bottle makers out there. While they most definitely are omitted to providing the best products and services to their customers, they are not exactly sure about how they would be able to do that. Hence, to make matters easier for them, we have undertaken the responsibility of conducting some market research. In this way, we have been able to uncover the main things that customers seem to look for in e-juice bottles.


There is absolutely no doubt that e-liquid bottles appear to come in different shapes and sizes. After all, that is what makes the entire packaging fruitful. However, just by giving any shape and size of the bottle to your customers would not cut it. To make sure that they indeed remain loyal to you, you would need to know their requirements and desires.

According to a majority of opinion, people like to store their vape juice in small and transparent bottles. This would not only be easy to store but would also allow them to see if the liquid is becoming discolored or not. Also, if they would ever like to take this juice with them, they would easily be able to do that.

So, in this case, you could either go with the option of creating a uniform set of bottles to keep your costs to a minimum. On the other hand, you could also get inspired by the craft beer industry and introduce something premium. This would help you to stand out from the crowd.


Functionality is something which is considered to be of utmost importance to customers who are looking to store their pre-steeped vape juice. This is because not only would they like these bottles to serve the purpose of storing the vape liquid, but it should also be easy to use. In that regard, it has been found that bottles with a dropper cap seem to be the most favorable option. This is because it would allow the user to use only that amount of liquid that they would like to use without wasting any of the extras.

Lastly, the government or legal regulations are also something which would need to be kept in mind when producing these bottles. To put it simply, you would need to make sure to comply with all the minimum requirements to prevent yourself from landing into trouble.