WUSC AM/FM Radio Alumni Association

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640 KC + 730 Khz


Originally 91.9 FM
(at only 10 watts!)

Currently 90.5 FM
(with 2500 watts!)

Voice of The University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina

Anyone who EVER worked at WUSC is automatically WUSC Alumni Member!

WUSC transmitter, console + microphone from 1947
WUSC-AM transmitter, mic & on-air console in 1947 (based in Rutledge Chapel)

WUSC-FM 90.5 control room, microphone and console today.
WUSC-FM Control Room & on-air console in 2016 (based in Russell House)

MUST See demonstration of Harlem Shake performed in WUSC-FM Control Room!

Congrats to Rick Wrigley, who was elected as new WUSC Alumni Association President!
Special thanks to Frank Cain who got this ball rolling and became first President in 1988.

The cool (+ rare) MIDI music file used as background music on this page is called "Echoes" (by M. Walthius).

University of South Carolina Block C logo adorned in silver.

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Latest WUSC Alumni Site update: 09/19/2016
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Stay tuned: LOTS more stuff coming SOON!
(Motherload of history being scanned NOW!)

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(WUSC Stream IP: Port: 8000)
Call WUSC-FM On-Air DJ at 803-576-WUSC!

The Weekend Kicker originated at WUSC!
(See who has claimed DJ Gamecock handle!)

Read Official WUSC AM/FM History page!
(Learn how WUSC AM + FM first started!)

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